Hi my name is Rob Dowling and I am a mindful happiness coach based in Truro, Cornwall. Thank you for visiting my site and showing an interest in developing your own personal happiness.

Like everyone I have always been searching for happiness. From a young age I found this world rather confusing and actually very strange (to be honest I often still do!). When asked what I was going to be when I grew up I literally had no idea. This was in stark contrast to many of my peers who appeared to have their future mapped out ! One thing I was sure of was I wanted to be happy. I enjoyed being happy.

From early childhood I always questioned the world around me. When others were looking to experience the outer world I was often comfortable exploring the inner world of thought. A naturally open and inquisitive mind developed into an interest in spirituality. My interest in all things spiritual raised a few eyebrows as I showed no interest in educational success or a desire to follow a career path. It appeared that all I wanted to do was follow a rather extreme hedonistic lifestyle but this was not actually the case. I just wanted more from life than external pleasures gave me. It was clear to me that pleasure was not happiness. Fortunately at a young age I went travelling to Asia and my life changed forever. I quickly found that Hinduism and Buddhism had many of the answers that I had been looking for. What was particularly transformative was that I found that I was not alone in my search for a deeper happiness.

In my quest to find happiness I embarked on the road well travelled – the road to enlightenment! I spent many years living as a monk and spiritual seeker in India and South East Asia. This included living in isolated monasteries, damp caves high in the Himalayas and bamboo huts in jungle landscapes. I studied yoga, pranayama and meditation from numerous gurus and teachers. After many years of travelling and searching I returned to England full of ideas and experiences but really no closer to enlightenment or happiness.

On my return to the United Kingdom I have followed many career paths that have taught me a great deal but ultimately gave me little real satisfaction. I have also suffered from a devastating panic disorder and also depression. What has become clear to me is that all of my life events have taught me essential lessons. Each lesson has been vital to me developing into the person I am today – a happy person. Through the practice of mindfulness I began to understand that labelling aspects and events in my life as good or bad I was setting myself up for disappointment. In reality all of life has taught me important lessons and it is my reaction to them that will result on whether I am happy or not. I have learnt not to believe everything I think and to direct my attention through mindfulness to understand my thinking processes. Most importantly I have learnt to like myself and develop the skill of happiness.

I spent many years at University studying Politics and International Relations and developed a deep love of learning. More recently I have spent my time as a tennis coach and developed a style of coaching that was based on players becoming mindful during play. What became increasingly clear was that teaching mindfulness was becoming more and more important to me and my clients. I decided that I was at my happiest when I was helping others and I embarked on a career as a mindfulness coach. I have studied and continued to study Buddhist philosophy, meditation, positive psychology and contemplative neuroscience for over 25 years. When not coaching I like to spend my time meditating or enjoying the great outdoors with my family.

My commitment is to help others develop mindfulness and therefore BE Happy in their lives. Please call me today to help you on your journey to a happier life.

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