“Human happiness and human satisfaction must ultimately come from within ones self” – Dalai Lama

Welcome to BE Happy

Mindful Happiness Coaching

Hello and welcome to BE Happy. My name is Rob Dowling and I am a mindfulness and meditation coach based in Truro, Cornwall. I provide coaching and classes to individuals or groups who are looking to find happiness, increase their happiness or to develop the confidence to transform their lives though the practice of mindfulness and meditation. I teach from The Valley Retreat a beautiful and relaxing space to develop new skills set in 3 acres of beautiful cornish countryside.

Modern life is complex. It is fast moving, often competitive, pressurised and stressful. Life can seem to be a perpetual struggle against staggering odds and we are often left dissatisfied. Why? On the surface it would appear that being happy is very simple. Adults and children alike are bombarded with adverts and trends telling us that if we just have this or do that we will be happy. Yet if most people are honest they find something missing in their lives. Around fifty per cent of us will suffer from a mental illness and depression, anxiety, alcoholism and eating disorders are on the rise! Perhaps it is time to consider that we have been looking for happiness in the wrong places?

Each of us has the ability to be happy, no matter how difficult our life circumstances may be. However tricky life can be we can always change the way we look at it. Happiness is directly related to how we think. As humans we have the amazing capacity for awareness and self-awareness. We have the ability to integrate our attention, thoughts and feelings. Through focused attention we can begin to see how our thinking processes can affect our emotional health. From childhood we are taught how to move and behave in the outer world but sadly we are never taught how to be still and examine what is within ourselves. The practice of mindfulness can help us understand ourselves more clearly.

Understanding ourselves, and if necessary changing the way we think, takes time and patience. When people become depressed it often occurs as a downward spiral of mood changes rather than a single event. Conversely happiness can be created and nurtured in an upward spiral of positive increments. This is based on the ability to develop and sustain positive emotional health. Happiness is a mental and emotional skill that can be developed and strengthened. Importantly happiness can be seen to be the greatest personal resource we can have. Furthermore evidence suggests that happiness is contagious. The happier we become the more happiness will spread to those around us! It is our right to BE Happy. By developing awareness and a new way of thinking this can have profound and lasting effects on our ability to be happy.